Gaudy Gold Frame for Outside

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
I couldn't deside whether to take myself serious about this or open it all up on the Warp. But in a way, it's serious. It really is something I am considering doing.

We have a very ugly, boring, dull, unimaginative, just sits there kind of lighted sign. Just a big box stuck on the side of the building.

I want to build a big 10-12" wide gaudy gold Louie, or French sweep, or maybe even Rococo gold frame to put around it. My problem is "How". I've asked 4-5 sign guys and all I get is that glassy glazed over 4:20pm look. :eek:

Anybody got any ideas short of hiring Cornell to build me a new one every year. We get about 36" of rain. And the wall faces a blistering south in the summer. I've seen painted signs turn to poo in a year or two.

This is open season here. If your idea is a little Warped, please Moderator don't Moderate. I'd like all and any imput. This could be a fun committee thing......

Well, you could fashion someting out of 1/4" acrylic & paint it gold.
That can't be too complicated!

I make outside art for the patio's here as in Australia alot of people spend most of the time outdoors.
So I use window framing and cut them just like a frame and then insert the picture, I also use waterproof acrylic for the pictures so the whole thing is weather proofed. If I knew how to post a pic I would, but I don't, so I can't (sorry LOL)

So maybe get a big window frame and paint it gold and then if you want it to have those gaudy gold Louie thingys, go to a craft shop like Micheals and you can buy plastic gaudy pieces and paint them or gold leaf them and stick them on with silicone and maybe spray varnish on it that has a sunscreen factor in it for the sun and the varnish should help with the rain.

Keep smiling

Our 'custom framing' sign (see opening page of our website ) is Emafyl. It has been up, facing west for about 3 years. The gold color is finally wearing off, but it still looks pretty good. I will have to figure how to 'regild' it some day really really soon now.
Fiberglass over a non-corroding armature (polyurethane your old surfboard). Use real gold leaf... that won't corrode.

Once you get the mold made for the fiberglass you can go into mass production...

Think of the potential...I'm baerly scratching the surface...uh, what? 4:20 already?
Any properly sealed surface will accept gold leaf. For exterior use use at least 23k and preferrably 23.5k gold. If done properly it should last 20-50 years.

Leave the gold raw.
ever seal the gold with a top coat of sealer, varnish, etc. The gold will not last more than a very few years.
How about a frame made out of redwood then leafed. There is also this new stuff they are selling a Home Depot and Lowes that is made out of wood and plastic, used for decking and has like a 25 year warranty or something. It cuts like regular lumber and makes beautiful decks. Maybe worth a look see.
I put one of the large LJ Castellano frames on the top and left of my sign. I sprayed it liberally front and back with multiple coats of spar varnish. Nine years later it looks like I might finally have to replace it.

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I'll try. I need to install my new camera software and find a place to post since HP cut off their service - so it might be few days.

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