's alive!


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
Here it is... My first venture into the world of creating cyberspace.....

I still have a bit of work to do in the fine tuning are, but here is what I have so far... I know I still have a few linking issues and mmost likely a few typos, but I couldn't wait to see it on the web...

So here you are, I submit for your parousal.....

Gastonart and Frame
I meant to ask if you had designed the site yourself or hired it out? Some times my fingers jump ahead of the brain and I have to start sorting things out...

Did it myself in Publisher. Took a while. A lot of trial and error.

The cost = TIME and agrivation, and TIME. But I wanted to do this so I enjoyed it.
Nice site! I like your slogan "No Coupon Games...Just Great Frames."
:cool: Rick
P.S. The link from the photo of the box with the angel leads to a "not found" message. You might want to check it. Also, you should check the resolution of the photo of the jewelry box above it. That reproduces oversize on my browser and requires scrolling.

(I'm viewing with Safari on Mac OSX 10.4.5)
Fantastic, I usually don't care for the deep color backgrounds but yours loaded quickly on my dial-up. You got my attention and I wanted to read and scroll down the page. When you find a color to make the links stand out, you'll have it complete. Maybe another font and keep the yellow.
Nice work, Harry.

You need to work on your graphics. You've got some atrocious artifacts due mostly to using the wrong image file formats with heavy compression. Take img0.jpg, for example. To keep the size down, you've compressed the crap out of it. It still makes a jpeg of ~28kB. Instead, save the original file as a .gif. You've only got 3 colors there. GIF is made for images and graphics with a small number of colors. You'll be able to make it a smaller file size with crisp edges. win/win. Same with the other graphics. You'll find it will make your page look much snappier and more finished. Frankly I find img7.jpg to be unreadable.

But I really like the layout, and the new space looks great. Where is it located, relative to the old space?
Nice job! Creating your own site gives you (and gave me) a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. You can be proud.

A couple of minor points.

Although I couldn’t duplicate it, the first time I loaded the page, Adobe TypeManager spit out a warning that one of your type faces could not be rendered well, so it substituted something else for it. Looking through the source code, I suspect that it is <font face=monoco size=-20>font face="CaslonAntT"</font>. If I am right about Caslon, the substituted version was a little jagged and slightly difficult to read.

In your keywords tag, greatly add to the existing words

<font face=monoco size=-20>meta name="keywords" content="picture, frames, art, gallery, shrewsbury, massachusettes, worcester, boston, paintings, conservation, sports, needlework, photography, heirlooms "</font>

(You misspelled Massachusetts, BTW, which is okay. It's good to have commonly misspelled words in your tag as long as you have it correctly spelled, too.)

For example you might wish to add “Mass”, “MA”, your zip code, “framing”, “frame”, “framer”, “fram”, “Shrewsberry”, “Shrewsbery”, all of the surrounding towns and their zip codes, “custom picture framing”, “custom picture frames”, etc. You never know what people are going to type into their searchs. Give the search engine spider bots lots of something to grab onto.
Thanks Bill. I will make the changes you suggested.
I was concerned about the CaslonAnt font, but I figured I would give it a try. I think I will have to make that font a graphic. I don't want to change it as it is part of all of our identity and our local advertising. So long as the text body remain as text I think I should be fine.

Thanks again.
Thanks for the info. I will see what I can do. These are all the types of things that I need the help with. I was fumbling around trying to find the right combination of things to make this work. And I wasn't sure what it would all look like when it went live.

As for the new space, we are about 1/2 mile from where we were, closer to Worcester on the westbound side of Rt9. Next time you get out this way, stop by.

Good grief, is Spags still there?

I always thought that store could use a good fire.
Originally posted by Bill Henry-:
Good grief, is Spags still there?

I always thought that store could use a good fire.
Well' it is sort of there. It is now a Building 19...... a.k.a. The Crap Shop.

When Spag died a few years ago the daughters attempted to keep the store running and managed it into a sale to the Building 19 Group. It then became "Spag's 19" and now it is just a Bldg 19. Perhaps one of the greatest retail trageties of all time. Or at least here in Shrewsbury. for a lot of years Spag was the king.

There was nothing like Spag's. You could buy a dishwasher, a set of golf clubs, and 1 #8-1/2" screw in the same stop, and you HAD TO pay cash......

What? You want a BAG!?! There are "no bags at Spag's." Go find a box.

Ah, the good old days
Well done John. And I like how it loads fast.

The think that really hit my hot button was your calendar; what a great idea. Hope the Carol really brings them in. Now there is an art I love to watch performed.
I have done the Silhoutte thing twice already and it has paid dividends both times. Really looking forward to the next one in the new location.