Gallery Wrap Part Duex

Uncle Eli

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 2, 2005
Sunny Malibu CA.
So my wonderfull boss loves to buy Giclee's unstretched to save on shipping costs, and many of them come in with a gallery wrap edge. My problem is not how to wrap them, but the simple fact that I can't find a source for 1 1/2 in high stretcher bars. I'm in Central PA, and our main dist. is Lewinter, who actually buys their strecher bars from Fox Moulding, and Neither of them carry Gallery bars. When I was in college, and I wanted to make my own gallery bars I would rip a 2x4 on a diagaonal on a table saw. But I don't have a table saw now, and would like to not have to do that every time. The fron of our shop also sells art supplies, and we carry pre stretched and primed canvas's on Gallery bars, but the companies that produce them wont sell footage of the bars. Please Help
Decor carries them in various sizes.
They don't HAVE to, but since the original artist, and the publishing house chose to create them that way, they SHOULD be Stretched that way. But that is open to interpritation I guess.
I wish it was that simple, but some of them get framed, but again, some of them don't because they weren't intended to be. I know it's only a print, and ideally, I wish he would quit buying them, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Well, unless a hoard of customers walk in the door and start buying all of his originals.