Gallery Events That Work


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
We had a Silhouette Artist in the gallery yesterday and it was a success. (I think) We advertised her being here for three weeks prior and booked her solid for the whole day. (every 10 mins for 6 hours).

We spent about $300 advertising an event that generated $2,000 in sales ($1,000 in framing with more to come). Plus it brought me about 20 new customers that never knew I existed and yes, I got them in the database. Young mothers with new houses and young children. Perfect. Many of them vowed to return with more stuff to frame.

I would be interested in hearing what other kinds of things you all may have done along these lines that you considered a success.

I have to beleive hat this is a one of the most effective ways to market a gallery/frame shop. It certainly makes creating advertising easier. At least it not just "HEY, LOOK AT ME. I'M A GREAT FRAMER!" all the time.

I had an open discussion night that attracted a lot of attention. The topic was "Art, Erotica, Porn, what are the limits?"

All you need is a moderator and rented chairs.

I advertized in the community calendars for free.
Haven't you ever heard of "Two silhouettes on the shade"?

Dave Makielski
I ran 2 ads in a weekly community newspaper and 4 weeks on a community bulletin board on the in town cable. (real short money), put posters around town and had it on my readerboard for 2 weeks before. The newspaper worked the best. It was nice to know that people were seeing the ads. It gives me hope that my dollars for the other ads I run may actually not be completely wasted.

I got another nice frame order yesterday from someone who was here for silhouettes. It is paying off.
I'm so glad you brought this up! I have been wanting to have a silhouette artist come in for years, but a local children's clothing store always did it. They retired and closed up recently, so now I can market it. I would have forgotten if you hadn't started this thread. Thanks!
How does one go about finding a silhouette artist.
Is that an artist that puts his hand up in front of an over head projector and makes the little dogs and bunnies in the light? I do a heck of an eagle. I tried to explain that to the principle but he wasn't interested.
DB, I used a woman who lives here in Shrewsbury, MA. She is just one of 3 here in New England. (Only 25 or so in the US) Evidently it is dying art form. I can get you her name and contact info if you would like. She is excellent. You can get me at

Dave, Try a goole search. As I mentioned, there are not many of them out there, but maybe there is one in your neighborhood.

Jay, They are the little paper cutouts of peoples profiles. They are very cool. And even the new ones have a very antique quality to them.
Harry, what was the money arrangement between you and the artist? What was the retail and what was the split?

Did you have frames and mats ready so that they could leave with it already framed? :D
The gallery got 15% of the silhouette money plus all of the framing. We did have some readymades with mats for sale and sold quite a few. The customers were very impressed with the fact that they could leave with them all framed that day. I sold about 6 custom orders with at least 2 more pending.

I have set a date for the fall to do this again. Next time I get 20% of the silhouettes and split the marketing down the middle. The artist was happy with that as she made almost $1000 for the day.

I would try it if you can.
The silhouettes were $29 each and $10 for a duplicate copy. Nearly all customers bought the duplicates as well.

The actual silhouettes are about 4-5" tall. They were mounted on 5x7, 8x10, or 11x14 rag boards. Most of the framing I did was around 11x14 in size.

Hope that helps,