Fuzzy edges on cut mat


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
This is making me crazy... I can't believe it has happened not once but twice... and I believe it is not me but the mat board...

The top mat is a Crescent... no problems... the bottom mat is a Bainbridge... PROBLEMS!!!

Could it be the Crescent works as the slip sheet and it is not as good to cut against (and I have no choice...)

And it only seems to be happening on one of the 4 sides (and I didn't keep track of which was the last cut)

I could just go jump off a bridge.

Oh - new blade mat...adjust the blade depth each time... it is a 8441 - could it be the board?!?!? may-be?

Oh, and the customer is coming at lunch tomorrow.. so I do have time to try again after I pick up new board.

Roz - on the edge...
Try cutting with a slip sheet that has the same sort of texture as the 8441, alternatly sand the edges that are furry.
1. Change the blade after two sides cut. Blades are cheaper than mat boards. 2. Are you taping in the drop out of the first mat when you cut the 2nd mat? Practice with the smaller pieces. 3. You may have your blade extended too far. I am assuming this is not a CMC.

Be careful when you sand, rub it the right dirrection with the back of you thumb first. Some colors will fade into the bevel.

Red is bad, also some dark browns and greens.
Obviously, I don't know the severity of the problem, but I've had success with using a fine emery board (not the metal file), sanding in one direction - towards the back, being careful not to sand down the bevel or the colored edge.

You might have already attempted this. Just a thought. Good luck!
I don't have my mat samples here but I do know that some time certain mats tend to get the fuzzies it just happens,even if you change your blades every cut. I find that it happens with darker mats. I would try what everyone has suggested but don't kill yourself over it if it keeps happening. I just clean my up with a fine emery board, but it still drives me nuts at times.
I have experienced this as well. the darker color bainbridge ones are the culprits. i will use my fingernail, burnishing bone, fine emery, or 220 grit sandpaper stapled to a small block of wood to defuzz.
it also happens to the surface when you remove the masking for a painted bevel. i have been lucky by peeling the 3m removeable tape very slowly.
Thanks, everyone - I have calmed down and dealt with it - phew.

It is the Bainbridge darker, reds, browns, etc and sometimes I wonder if it is the humidity level that causes it to happen more at different times...

Thanks again,


Tnframer408 was having the same problem with his Alpharags recently. I had forgotten all about it, but someone advised him to put the boards in the drymount press and run them through a cycle to dry them out. It was the humidity making them mushy. I used to run into the same problem in the muggy Atlanta summers, when the rag mats would turn to mush and even the sharpest blade would mangle them.

Wow. That is a good idea... what a great solution. Will experiment with that....


Unfortunately, Dr. Dave, it's still happening. It WAS happening with only one off white Alphamat. Changed blades, still did it. Cooked it for awhile to dry it out, worked byut only kinda sorta. Today got the same fuzzies on one of the blackcore alphas. BUT only happens on the bottom edge of the mat. Spoooky. Sanded it and it was OK BUT, aggravating nonetheless. And Yes, I did change my backing boards.