FUSION 4000 phenomenon

Bob Shirk MCPF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 27, 2000
Shippensburg, PA USA
This afternoon I was doing a batch of dry mounting in my VacuSeal 4366M-HS using fusion 4000 with a temperature of 190 and a dwell time of 4 minutes. I mounted several posters and photos. cooling them on a flat surface under plate glass. all is well.

EXCEPT...the last photo I went to mount did not stick. I gave it a little more time in the press. Still it did not stick. I got a new piece of fusion and a new piece of mat board to mount to. Still it did not stick. Any ideas as to what would cause this?
Robert, did you try a test of the Fusion 4000 with a sheet of advertising circular paper from Sundays paper (glossy coated stock)? If it is sticking to that, it might be the print.
I think its the print. Or...could be that you might have something stuck between the top of the machine and the bottom in the back and you are loosing pressure?

I use 175 degrees and 5 minutes (+-4 minutes after reaching vacuum) on my vacuseal. It is the recommended program #2 for fusion 4000. it seems like 190 degrees would leave excess cooling time before the bond set - might be a factor with a marginal material.

Pat :D
Maybe Fusion has a shelf life, I was near the end of a roll. I removed the fusion from the back of the photo, Kodak royal paper, with relative ease. It just peeled off. I took a new piece of Fusion 4000 and mounted the photo to mat board. It stuck this time. It is a mystery to me. Like I said yesterday I mounted a number of pieces with no problems except for this last one.