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Fusion 4000 okay for Linen tea towel?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Do you think it is appropriate to use Fusion 4000 to mount a linen tea towel to foamcore? It is not a high value item - sort of like a poster level - which I would drymount.

What's the consensus?!?


If you use Frank's Adhesive, (roll it, then let dry. And mount with an iron.)
you can 1) control the mount inch by inch (blocking) and 2) re-heat and release the towel with no adverse effects.
Is the tea towel a "standard" weave? As long as it is not a very open weave where some other type of mounting would work better and there is no "value" to the tea towel and it has been determined to be okay to drymount, Fusion should work well to adhere it to the foamboard. The Fusion will allow you to reheat the piece and the tea towel will be released from the substrate.
Pretty much what Calley said. However, if the towel has a seam around the edges, the seam may prevent the rest of the towel from making full contact with the foam board.
This thread has good and useful ideas. You could
use the drymount tissue or a field of dry acrylic medium and a household to bond the fabric and that
would address the issue of the edge binding on
the towel.