Fun With (Wrapping) Paper


PFG, Picture Framing God
Jan 1, 2001
Houston, Texas
I was doing a few fabric mats for display today and thought I'd have a little fun with some paper I picked up at the art supply store.

A couple deep bevels wrapped with marbleized paper.


And a couple paper-wrapped mats.



The barky-looking one has a reverse bevel and will eventually get a fillet.

*The paper is not actually wrapping paper. I meant I was wrapping the paper around the mat. Yeah, that's it.
Those are very nice Dave. Boy, I miss the days where I had creative thoughts and actually acted on them. Now I just htink aobut them. I'm creatively challenged.

Got any ideas on how you would frame a paintbrush?
Nice mats, Dave - isn't the handmade paper section of a good art supply store FUN???

Kathy - is it an artist's brush or a house-painter's brush???
It's the National Framing Competition piece for 2006. And don't bother to enter... I have the winning design this year. hehehe
Well, I'm thinking that the small strip of marbled paper is suggestive of paint spatters. And if I were framing the brush I'd make sure to use bent-rod mounts a la Jim Miller to make it appear floating and very 3D. You know, so the tip was on or almost on the mat and the brush end was up in the air.

(Edited to please the grammar Nazi sitting beside me.)
Hey Dave! Sweet.
ooh those are so pretty!!

looove the paper.. okay so the job you did is nice, too.

Kathy, his idea is excellent! Esp. the part where the paintbrush is dipping down as if, well, you know!

As always, share the finished pc. with us!
Yeah, I'll share it, when I win the prize and it is featured in the PPFA Members Only!

Here I am asking for ideas on framing for a competition on a public forum.......
Dave- That is one of my favorite techniques. I usually just do them like Bevel Accents, though, without wrapping the whole face. Here's one where I combined it with a Britecore and a suede top mat.

I love the way a colored core mat outlines the deep bevel effect.
Thanks for posting those!
:cool: Rick
Great look. Go ahead and use them for the top mat too now.We lovem here, carry probably a couple hundred different ones. Not just for framing. These were done by Liz, one of our employees who loves projects!

Oh look, here she is now!