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Nov 29, 1999
Is anyone familiar enough with the multi vendor multi markup routine to explain it in detail to me? I've tried several ways and I can get multi markups, but I can't get multi vendor.
Le, I may be able to help but Im not quite sure what you want to do with multi vendor or what you are trying to achieve. Give me an example of what you want to do.

I can set it up with multiple markups based on cost of moulding, or I can set it up with differant markups based on vendor. It says you can do both. I have a standard markup table. Let's say moulding to $1.00 is 5.6x and moulding to 2.00 is 5.4x markup, but I get a discount of 10% from one supplier and I feel they are 10% overpriced so I want to multiply the standard x.9, or I hand finish a moulding and I have to charge twice my standard markup to cover my time and materials. With 6 or 7 vendors it becomes complicated. The instructions I received tell me to add a file named Multimrk.dbf but it hasn't helped.