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Dec 7, 2001
I just got recived a copy of the free Wizard mat design software. COOL RUNNING!
I layed out a 42 opening double mat in a matter of about 5 minutes and 40 of them were circles. It not only lets you layout a multi opening mat but it gives you all the measurements. Opening sizes, distance from left, top, right, bottom. Also gives the distance between the openings. Talk about saving mat time if you are still cutting by hand wheeeeee!
Not to mention it will print the layout and sizes so you can use it to sell off of or use it when you go to cut the mat.
Go figure and to think it is free

Is that good stuff or what? :D
Hi Gumby,

I'm interested in this software, can you tell me how to obtain it? Thanks very much. :D

Got mine ordered and can't wait to play, er, I mean work with it. After seeing it in both Art Framing News and Decor, I looked on the web site but couldn't find any mention of it. So I e-mailed asking about it. They PROMPTLY e-mailed back saying it was on the way to me "as we speak". Super service right off the bat.

You can get the free software from Wizard Just call them they will send it out no charge. 1-888-855-3335 ask for the Free Wizard Mat Designer Software. Let me know if it is as cool as I think it is.


Thanks so much for the info. Sounds cool, I'm sure it will be, I'll get back to you.

I received my copy yesterday (just after the Wizard Saleman called to make a pitch). I loaded it and tried a couple mat patterns that I had recently cut.

It works pretty well, easy to use. I think there is a problem with some of the dimensions that were printed out. Seems to be off slightly on multiple mat openings, but that can be easily adjusted.

Hope others have good experiences with it.