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Free Security / Password Checkup Tools

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There have been so many sites breached lately, that it is dangerous to be using the same password on multiple sites. If one site is hacked, the hackers will have your email address and that password to try on other sites (like banks, Amazon, other retailers, and even this forum) I suggest setting up a password tracker or a unique naming system that is easy to remember for each site.

There are some great tools out there which will comb through your currently saved passwords, and check known breaches to make sure your info hasnt been breached. If so, they tell you which sites and passwords are being shared by hackers, so you can change them immediately.

Some of them:

For Google: Sign in - Google Accounts https://passwords.google.com/ and click PASSWORD CHECKUP

For Firefox: Go to firefox -> Click MENU (3 lines, top right) -> Protections Dashboard -> Manage PW. It will show a key next to problems

For Chrome: Go to Chrome -> Settings -> Safety Check -> Check Now