Free gift at NY show.

Patricia Kotnour

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Mar 11, 2003
Hastings, MN
CEO of Attach-EZ, inc
Just thought I would let you know that I will be doing the same thing in NY as in LV.... At the Attach-EZ booth 3701 you will receive a free gift by bringing in a shop business card. Once again it will be limited to the first 150 and one gift per shop.

We have added a sewing awl which can be used to make stitches and also to make holes and thread the same time. The Awl is coming with a thread kit of 12 Polyester and nylon bobbins in various colors which have a break strength of 3-15 lbs. When you need to sew this awl is very useful.
IS that 150 in the first day or every day?

I won't be there until Sunday.
It is the first 150, but since you brought this up I will limit it to 50 for each day of the show. However, from the history of the Las Vegas show and whether you can get to the show early on Sunday, this still may not insure that there will be any left by the time you arrive. So......if you mention this post and leave me your card, I will personally see to it that you get a gift.....even if we are out of stock by then. Fair enough?

I realize that it is sometimes very difficult to get close enough to my booth to even talk to me, so I will give the same consideration for anyone who has read this post and will be attending the show on Fri. Sat. or Sun. If the days allotments are gone by the time you are able to get to me, just mention this post and leave me your card.

From the sounds of it the NY show is going to be very good this year. Many people have called to ask if I will be there. If this is any indication of the traffic that can be is looking very positive.