SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 28, 2002
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
I got tired of the billiard/pool ball thread.

Susan - instead of FrayCheck, which has unknown ingredients in it, you might try methylcellulose. If you make it into a thick paste, tiny amounts can be applied with the tip of a dissecting needle or whathaveyou, and the offending thread "clamped" into place with a fine pin until dry.

I've tiny spot glued nylon tulle over v. fragile embroidery elements using this technique, and then razor trimmed the excess tulle when the adhesive is dry. (Gently put razor down in appropriate spot, and lift up excess tulle [tweezers can be useful] - this cuts the tulle without harming the underlying fabric.)

I am going to look into this FrayCheck though - it, or some conservation quality approximation might be useful!

Rebecca, thanks for the info. I'll have to keep that in mind. I've never used FrayCheck on conservation items, only decorative ones. After it drys, it is almost like fingernail polish. It has a different consistancy than even fabric glue, and sets up a lot faster. I got started using it when we were overseas, and my Mother could ship the stuff to me, in a pinch. I've used it on some of our stuff, and have not seen any problems, so far, and some of it's been framed for 15 or more years. I like the idea, though of the methylcellulose, as it is, I'm assuming, conservation quality. Thanks!