framing with foam board


Grumbler in Training
Mar 24, 2006
stockton, ca
Hello, I need to frame a boxing glove. I would assume since a glove is about 8 inches thick, the best way is to build a box out of foam then attach the glove and frame to the box. I never really used foam board, what is the best adhesive to put foam board pieces together? I would like something reversable incase a problem comes up (dont we all wish life was that easy also
What is the foam core to support? Is it the gloves? If so it won't hold the weight over time. Instead you may prefer to use poly propolene aka coroplast. Coroplast is fluted plastic-think plastic cardboard. You can get it from a local sign shop. It can support much more weight, and is even stronger if you use two pieces running perpendicular to each other. Good stuff. Welcome to the Grumble

Let me get this straight in my mind, you are going to build an 8" deep square box out of foamcore and attach a boxing glove inside and put a frame on the outside, right?? And you want "something reversable incase a problem comes up" ............... with what?? Are you wanting reversible glue for the box or the boxing glove or what exactly??

If this isn't another bored kid with a joke post, there ARE things to do to mount a boxing glove for viewing but I have my own serious doubts that this is heading anywhere at all.

After your question the other day on the "DEC-O-MAT 3700 COMPUTERIZED MAT DECORATION SYSTEM" with no replies to those who took the time to try to get some additional information from you about it, I would guess my first impression about you is probably close, eh??

if you want it to look like that use LOTS of hot glue to hold the foam board together, LOTS, and I mean LOTS of super77 spray to hold the glove in place, then LOTS more hot glue to hold the frame to the foam core. (dont foget the saw tooth hanger )

OR, you COULD ask something along the lines of:
"Hey guys, Im new here and I got this really cool project I wanna try, can you give me some guidelines on what to do?"
Based on the ebay picture, I don't see any kind of shadow box behind that frame. Shadow box would be my preference. If you just want a foamboard box, You could make a flattened view of a box opened up flat. Then score the lines between the sides, bend them and secure them with a good acid-free tape or even gummed linen. (Some grumblers may offer a better taping option.) You could do this on a larger piece of foamboard that would form a large part of the backing. Without laying this out on my own, you would likely need more backing material though.

Again, I think a shadowbox by a knowledgeable framer is your best option. Good luck.
who was that awhile back that did a boxing glove in an arena.? They had it posted on here???
Anyhow talk to them about it..It was superb design and a great piece of work. Figure they ought to know all abnout whatever problems you may have