framing whole old brittle newspaper


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Jul 24, 2004
Round Pond, ME
A customer brought in a very old and brittle newspaper. What's the best way to frame and mount this? Thanks for all input.
Are you looking for aesthetic ideas? Any frame'll do.
But if it's mechanical ideas, break open that roll of mylar. We flattened some dusty, crusty old WWII newspapers under weight for a couple of days, then encapsulated them in mylar, matted and framed them in a basic black metal frame. They looked fantastic. The customer loved them and brought us more! It's all good!

edie inputgalore goddess
If the original is valued at all, frame a copy.
Light is going to ruin it, unless it was printed
before about 1850.

But don't forget about copyright on newer newspapers. Let your customer do the copy...

I hope this doesn't start a frankentread..

If your customer insists on framing the original newspaper, have him sign a disclaimer for discoloration, which will happen from almost any amount of light exposure. The disclaimer wouldn't save you in a lawsuit, but it will make the customer think twice.

You can frame a copy of the front page folded into another newspaper of the same size, and it would look about the same as the original. You will probably have to work on the edges, however, to make them newspaper-like.

Edie is right about the clear film mount. But instead of encapsulation, I suggest you make a two-piece Wrap Mount using an undersized, reinforced alphacellulose backer. If you need more detail let me know privately.
I figured I'd have to use the Mylar or Millinex. Does anyone know where I can purchase some..... not a whole roll? Also, do I put glass right over it? Do I need spacers? Never used the stuff before........
Spacers are necessary to provide insulation and to separate the claer film from the glazing.

Our sponsor, United Mfrs Suppliers, sells Melinex 516 for a good price. I recommend you buy the roll and few rolls of 3M #889 double-sided tape. You will be surprised at how many uses you will find for this versatile framing material.