Framing warped scrabble board artwork?


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aug 28, 2002
eastern pa
A customer came in with a scrabble board that she painted on, it's actually sort of neat, but it is seriously warped, and has a crooked line of painted scrabble blocks around the outside edge, making over-matting out of the question. I thought I would sink it into a mat to hold it without attaching it, but that doesn't help the warping. I thought to maybe pin the edges of the board, but I think the pressure may rip through the board. What am I missing?

THanks for your potential help.
Since your customer is also the artist why don't you give her a piece of gator board and tell her to glue the board down herself with gel medium or some such. Or use a piece of 8-ply ragboard. Or regular foam (artcare) that has been countermounted to support the warpage of the Scrabble board - plus the Scrabble board probably has a fold line???

She could glue it onto an oversize backingboard and then either paint that or leave it as is and you could float an overmat with a bit of the backing showing (1/4", 1//2").

I have an artist that I frame for and she lets me (forces me, begs me) to glue her pieces for her.
6-8 brass rods with shrink wrap. Feed back wire into coroplast and hot-glue ridgid.

You're only missing the fact that the warpage is part of the "art". Would you try to "un-melt" Dali's watches?
6-8 brass rods with shrink wrap. Feed back wire into coroplast and hot-glue ridgid
Huh? Sorry, I must be a little slow today, but I have no idea what you're describing.... Please elaborate so my feeble mind can grasp it.