Framing Warped Laminated Diploma


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 27, 2005
Whistler, BC
Im really having a hard time figuring this one out. Got 4 diplomas plastic laminated in wood( heat treated I guess) done 1963. These were severely yellowed and 2 were actually peeling and cracking up front, with the paper stubbornly sticking to the warped plastic. I had reframed some of these in the past but this particular customer wants the parchment taken out of the weathered lamination and reframed in wood. I took in this job feeling I can DO it but dont know HOW to do it... Anyway, I had the customer sign a disclaimer( Got that from the G), just in case..

Tried steaming the whole setup for 3 minutes then dried them overnight, peeled the warped plastic manually but it just wont let go of the paper.

Done anything like this?
Lamination is supposed to be permanent. If your customer wants fresh looking paper, he can try contacting the college for reprints.

Otherwise, you will have to frame them with the plastic on. It has almost certainly fused with the paper and ink.
Scan the document at 600 dpi minimum.

In Photoshop go to Image - Adjust - Auto Levels...

Presto you should have a nice new looking diploma
to print out on very good paper with very good ink and place in a very good frame job so things will be very good.

Or they can beg the mercy of the university....
Thanks Baer, scanned the whole old bunch but still can't get the glare from the final result. Guess I have to try more clever Photoshopping on this one.

dont even bother to use a scanner, unless its in the $2-5k range(read that VERY HI RES!) go to good digital camera with macro lense(if needed) just to get around nasty things like shinny glare & pixilated images, and run thru a 'photoshop' session to clearup any nasties still visable(as in tears/molds/ink blots)....then you can get printed at any good photo processor, finish the commission, & hand the client the cd(appropriately labled as to content and date created--I think I remember that mag media still only has a viable shelf life of somewhere in the 7-10yr range, assuming a good temp controlled environment(akin to that of well kept art?) ).
Depend on how much they care about the pieces, but laminations can usually be reversed by paper conservators. It involves lots of solvent.

Rebecca, I really wish Im near your area..Ive got three more of these @%#* diplomas..afraid I'm on the edge of accepting defeat on the first one. :(
From past experience with customers and their diplomas, universities are usually very cooperative in providing another copy. However, the size of the newer ones is larger than the ones in the past. I think many have changed to this in the last couple of years.