framing using fillets


Jul 7, 2004

I have been framing my own panoramic photography for over 2 years now and I want to look at incorporating a fillet within my mount to add to the presentation of my work for selected prints.

Either want the fillet surrounding the internal matted edge (ie matting - fillet - photo) or set in from the internal matted edge ( ie matting - fillet - matting - photo). If that makes sence.

I taught myself framing from just getting out there and doing it along with the support from this forum, so again I am looking for a point in the right direction on how to do this, possibly a website that details doing this etc.

Thanks for all replies, most appreciated.

"matting - fillet - photo or set in from the internal matted edge ie matting - fillet - matting - photo" I've done it both ways. I prefer the latter, however if I don't want the inner mat, I like to put one just under the fillet to keep the fillet from touching the photo if preservation is an issue.

You can also do frame, mat(generally a fabric mat), fillet, glass, mat and photo. There are not too many limits when it's your own creation, in my opinion.
In general I feel more comfortable with a rag or alpha mat sitting directly on the art rather than the fillet so I tend towards mat/fillet/mat.
Looks like you have good ideas on the what you want your finished pieces to look like. Are you asking about attaching, or the mechanics of putting the package together? Can you give us a little more information, on what your question is?

As far as mechanics... when I have done Fillets, I prefer to have a mat both above, and below the fillet. (Mat, fillet, mat) You must remember that the fillet does not support the top mat all the way out to the frame, so you will need to fill the space with scrap mats. The reason I like a mat below the fillet is (like J Pete, and Meghan have stated) it protects the artwork from the acids in the wood fillet. Please remember to use a fillet tape on the back of the fillet. It is a metallic tape, that acts as a barrier between the wood, and anything below it.
I liked to build the fillet first, then cut a mat to fit around it. (Easy with a CMC) Others cut the fillet to fit the mat opening.

It's a question much like whether or not to open the Oreo and eat the filling first.

Whichever way you do it, the fillet gives a nice, finished look to the presentation.