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Jun 25, 2002
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Does anyone know the status of FRAMESHOP PRO from Visionworks, Inc in Toronto?

I have been trying to reach them for 10 months, to update their info on the s/w list. Today I noticed their phone and web pages are out of service. Before removing them from the list, I'd like to make sure.

I've had equal problems trying to get a response from Framer's Guide (it's possible they don't speak English?), and FullCalc (they don't respond to emails or faxes - but I know they are still in business).

The full list is up at for anyone interested. If you have contact with any of these companies, please refer them to that link so we can finish up the list.

Thanks in advance

I don't know the status of VisionWorks but it was owned by Chris Flora. A Google search on his name came up the following:
568 St. Clair Ave West
Toronto, Ont. M6C1A5 CANADA
phone 416-658-8930
fax 46-658-9583

Hope this helps.
Yea the web domain was apparently abandoned in may of 2003 and the 800 # and local # are dead.

I just wanted to ask here before removing it from the list.


PS: I heard from Terry at FULLCALC, so their entry will be all set.
I just wanted to thank the half dozen or so folks that emailed me with useful information that resulted in contact with all 4 vendors that were incomplete.

I'm happy to release the finished product, available on the web or in a printer friendly Word document. Hopefully this will come in handy for those going to Atlanta to shop for POS software.


WEB version:
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Incredibale site Mike. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Problem: (for us). I was just told that FulCalc, (which we use and have 5-6 years of records and history in.....) has been bought by Michael's/Aaron Brothers, and won't be supporting framers anymore. :confused:

If this is true: (And I'd really like to know because their tech support has recently gone to the dogs and sounds like Banglodeshie....) Is there any other software like Ferran or Specialty that will import not only the customer base but the history as well??

My pleasure Baer. It was a fun project!

I believe what you heard goes back to something from several years ago. I *believe* those chains bought rights to the source code and do their own (customized) internal development, but that should have nothing to do with existing customers. It's possible that one of the developers went to work for the chain. Hopefully someone that knows more about this will chime in with the facts.

As far as I know Fullcalc is alive and well. I exchanged email with Terry Anderson on 8/19/04, and he updated their info for the list.

I'm not aware of any that will import history, but most can convert the customers over for you. The history would be very difficult due to the complexities of how each program works, and how it interacts with pricing tables and other internal components. One exception might be a forever to date total spent, if the old program offers such a field in its database.

One option is to leave a copy of the old POS installed on the computer, in case you need to look up an old order. It's just a click or two and you can look it up.

If shopping around, I suggest asking if the vendor offers a "competitive upgrade program". Often many of them will give you a deep discount when converting from a competitors product.

Originally posted by Mike-L@GTP:

One option is to leave a copy of the old POS installed on the computer, in case you need to look up an old order. It's just a click or two and you can look it up.

That is a 'low tech' way of doing an upgrade, but it works. The best thing about doing it that way is you get to start over with a clean database. People you have not seen in 5 years will only be in the old program.
I meant still converting/bringing in the customer database - but keeping the old pos for the previous order details/history.

If an old customer came in to place a new order, their name and address would pop up in the new system - but you wouldn't be able to look up something they framed 4 years ago. For that particular task, youd have to look at the old program.