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Feb 1, 2003
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I'm finally getting to the point where I want to get a software package for the gallery. I don't need bar coding, inventory or anything else other than a digital "framing worksheet".

It seems to me that SpecialtySoft might be the best choice for my situation.

Any experiences or comments about this program would be appreciated fellow grumblers.

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I use Frameready which I really like. They provide you with vendor updates to keep your pricing up todate. I have noticed a few technical problems with it, but nothing that you can't get around. I still think it is the best of what I saw out there.
I have to agree on the FrameReady software. It is probably the least expensive full blown POS software on the market and I noticed that the new package also includes a licensed version of FileMaker Pro 6.0 with the purchase price.

You won't find anyone friendlier than the support bunch at STS and they have a dedicated forum on the FrameReady website where you can post questions and get help on using FrameReady.

The vendor updates (those that the vendors keep current) are almost worth the price of the software in time saved entering in new moulding/mat numbers and changes in pricing along with removing all the discontinued stuff periodically.

I would definitely check them out and download a demo of their software to play with.

Specialtysoft, Frameready, and Lifesaver are the three that have the most features and largest market share. (all three have the features you said you didnt need)

There was a poll done recently in the VOTING forum about software, if you'd like to get some info about how your fellow grumbler peers fit in.

There's a software comparison guide HERE that shows 24 different POS programs, side by side. I tried to compile the info as neutrally as possible, and I hope it saves you a lot of research. There have been some great threads about POS Software in the Computers/Technical forum on the Grumble.

My advice is to NOT listen to any of us, :eek: because we all like what we're comfortable with and invested heavily in. Review ALL the alternatives, try the demos, talk to the vendors, ask questions, and check here for references - Armed with that information, you'll have the big picture to make the right decision.

I feel that an investment in the right software is one of the most important decisions that can be made, and will impact all aspects of your business.

If you run into any questions, that's why we're all here.

Joel, If you don't need the full-blown software, SpecialtySoft does have a "lite" version that handles the frame pricing. The full version has merchandise management capability as well as being a complete POS for framing.

Have you tried the demo discs from any of these?
And do not reject a system because they have more features than you want.

Look at the features you are most interested in. Look at the ease of operation of these features. The extras are "extra" now, they might be needed or wanted later. Consider them as room to grow features.
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