Framing Silk Scarf Question


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Mar 10, 2004
Have a customer inquiring about framing a slk scarf - she wants it under shatterproof glass and thinks she wants it in a uniframe which sounds awful to me. Am trying to come up with other suggestions for her. Your thoughts.
FYI, true shatterproof glass will by much more expensive that any plex that you might offer.

Shatterproof glass is made from 2 sheets of glass and an inner layer of a plastic that holds the sandwich together. That is how they make vehicle windshields. My guess is that a custom size sheet would cost over $30 a sq ft
My question wqould be how do you cut to size a piece of shatter proof glass. I have several sheets of the stuff within my shop. Have no idea of how longs its been there or where it came from..Just stumbled across it the other day.
Shatterproof glass? Uniframe? No.

Reality check:

1. Uniframes are made for "sandwich" mounting posters between glass and a backing board. That would probably ruin the scarf and it would look terrible when the wrinkles set in. It needs to be mounted so that it is supported, and a generous space under the glass is recommended.

2. Shatterproof glass is rarely appropriate in framing. Turn the conversation to building a real frame, then talk about acrylic.
Swiss clip (metal) similar to uni-frame (plastic)

About 15 years ago:

Father stood up from playing on the floor with child. His shirt sleeve caught on the clip of the frame and the stress caused the glass to break across the frame. One large piece of the glass was thrown hitting the child in the neck causing a life threatening injury. Fortunately the father was able to handle the first aid and after some hospital time the child was fine with an interesting scar.

In this case someone had used those clips which might be suitable for an 11 x 14 on a piece of glass about 26 x 36.

I was told this story by a neighbour of the family.
Originally posted by Bandsaw:
...shirt sleeve caught on the clip of the frame...One large piece of the glass was thrown hitting the child in the neck causing a life threatening injury...
That's precisely why we have our remaining dozen or so Uniframes collecting dust on a shelf someplace. I absolutely will not sell them anymore. I wouldn't even give them away -- the liability is too risky.