framing postage stamps


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Oct 27, 2003
Birmingham, Alabama
I have a full sheet of stamps I would like to frame and not sure how to begin. Since there is glue on the back of the stamps, you can't use adhesive. Do they have to be put in a sleeve of some kind? If so, where would you get one? How would you mount the sleeve?

Any help would be appreciated!

You could try encapsulating them in Mylar and fastening the encapsulation to the backing board with adhesive. I have done sheets of stamps both with mats and float mounted in this manner. It amounts to where you place the encapsulation tape for each type of mounting.

Try a search in the archives for "encapsulation" and you will likely find all the information you will need to do the job.

I use the small maxiview corners and explain to the customer that a small amount of it will show but not too noticeable. I then mat over the edges leaving the perforations show.

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United sell a product called L-velopes. They're a bit more expensive but faster and easier than making your own out of mylar.

If you don't anticipate a use for a whole roll of mylar, they may be the way to go.


As I learned from John raines in one of his lectures (a must atend if you ever get the chance) if someone made a holder for it use that we don not need to reinvent the wheel. I took hiis advice and use showgards you can find them here showgards hope this was of some small help

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