Framing playing cards


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Mar 24, 2005
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I have a customer who brought in a set of custom designed playing cards. There are 54 regular sized cards. She would like them in one frame. We are trying not to make the frame to big.

Does anyone have a good layout design?

overlapping designs, as if someone had dealt out a game of spades might be nice. Four fans of cards.

You could lay them out as if you were looking down on a table, and the hands were fanned out in front of each player.

Unless you want to show the entire face of each? That would have to be bigger.
I did a group (not 54) where I top mounted them with a little space between, so it didn't get too busy with multiple openings... then double matted and used spacers... came out real nice!
i like the nidea of having them scattered at random but not really, strategically arrange the top layer so the custom images can be shown... can you do a static mount on plexi? do a few layersw in a deep frame i think thjat would look cool. i bet one of these pros could help explain how to mount on plexsi
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I'm actually surprised that someone hasn't jumped in here with some insane suggestions to be funny.

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Do these cards have any monetary or sentimental value?

How will you mount them? If you intend to glue them, make sure the customer understands that whatever value the set might have would be reduced. In that case, I suggest a water-based paste such as Nori. Good open time, dries clear, long-term stable. Dry under weight overnight.

If value is an issue, then apply no glue. In that case, a large clear film overlay would be my choice. Cut mat openings to show the edges of the cards, far enough apart to cover the tape lines.

Do you have a CMC? That would make cutting the mat a lot easier.
Perhaps you could lay them out like looking down at a game of solitaire. With maybe a pair of old glasses off to one side. And if you have room, an empty tea cup and saucer off to the other side. As if someone got tired of p[laying and went to bed.
Actually, if you are interpreting somebody playing solitaire until they couldn't hold their eyes open I have a more realistic version.....have the cards displayed as if a game is in progress, empty bottle of Schlitz malt liquor and a <strike>couple</strike> several bottle caps strewn over the exhibit. Maybe a rasty old ashtray with a few butts in it. If you want it to have a female touch, maybe have lipstick on the butts......

Sorry for the irreverence, I mean no harm.....