Framing Plasma TV's


Grumbler in Training
May 22, 2005
Would love to offer Plasma tv framing in our shop. I'm looking for the basic how to's of doing it. Thanks.
Hey everyone I know we discussed this a little while ago, but I can't find the thread. I've searched LCD plasma, large screen... and can't find it.

BTW Bloomer, welcome to the grumble! The search feature should help, but I can't work it today! If I remember some of us have offered the service, entailed framing around the screen and not using the frame to support the screen, if that makes sense. (I used to have a small frame around my monitor, but when I upgraded to a flat screen I haven't made a new frame for this monitor!)
Build a frame that will be supported by the Plasma, not the other way around. Then use off-set clips to clip it to the set. Then rehang the set.
There's an article about doing that in one of the recent magazines - sorry, but I can't tell you which one. Within the last month.
Done one back in december.

It was fairly easy once the mouldings were stacked to get the right depth and used a wide fillet so the edge went right up to the actual screen so no hint of the tv edge showed.

It looked beautiful but I think I undercharged for the amout of tripple checking I did on this one.

I offer the service in conjunction with a high end home automation company.

So far it is a luke warm situation.

Hope this helped.