Framing Patents


Grumbler in Training
Sep 4, 2002
One of our commercial accounts e-mailed us today to ask if we have ever framed patents. We never have, and I do not know if there is anything special about patents. If anyone has any information regarding framing patents we would appreciate your advice.
I would think you'd frame it just like any other difficult to replace certificate - UV glazing, reversible mounting and good-quality mats.

I thought you wanted to apply for a patent on some piece of framing equipment.
It most cases a Patent is a MULTI-page document! I suspect they want to frame a cerificate. I would find out what kind of patent it is and frame a "drawing/part" from the patent in some multi-window format. For instance, we had a PCboard layout acid etched in brass and framed that with a certificate for one electronics patent.

(That we was when I was running the engineering dept. I didn't do the framing.)
If you are referring to an “Award” of a patent, it’s probably just standard gum’mint issue bond paper.

If you are referring to a patent application, the older ones were sometimes submitted with a “blueprint” type paper which is extraordinarily sensitive to heat and light (not just UV I don’t believe). If this is the case, don’t dry mount it whatever you do, and certainly do use UV glass. If it is on blueprint type paper, you would probably be advised to have it reproduced first and frame the copy rather than the original.