Framing Oversize Artwork


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 5, 2002
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Folks, I have in my shop a 1973 KISS poster that my client paid a few hundred to obtain. It is larger than the 40 x 60 AF backing I have available. I have not checked to ascertain if there is larger AF board to mount the poster.

I am still thinking that I need to splice several pieces of backing to obtain the size I need -- about 50 x 72.

If I have to splice pieces of backing, do I add the extra along a side and top(bottom) or should I cut my backing and splice the additional pieces in the center?

I feel that adding to the existing edge will provide fewer splices to strengthen and provide an overall stronger foundation to build my package.

I am open to any suggestions, good, bad, or indifferent. Thanks you.
Doesn't Crescent still make an 8-ply rag in white which I believe is 48 x 96 or some such? If not check out some of the substrates like Polyflute, Sentra etc all of which are availabe in 48 x 96. I think one of them's archival but I won't be in shop until wed so can't check sources.
Please remind you client that putting the poster
in the light is likely to cause it to fade. As
with anything that is over 48", finding backing board is a problem. Conservation quality 4 ply
does come as large as 60"X104" and a spliced backing board, behind that 4-ply would spare the
poster from contact with the splice. This would
require acrylic glazing, for the obvious reasons of safety and weight.

My ship has come in! I got two great avenues to pursue. Thanks Hugh and Mike for your suggestions.

I had planned on using acrylic, in fact OP3-P99, along with a lateral stringer to prevent frame twist.

Luckily, the customer chose a double mat to increase the spacing behind the glazing.

I did talk him out of using fluorescent lighting to accent the finished package in favor of indirect lighting as he had planned to place a large fluorescent fixture shining directly on the package.