Framing old theatre lobby cards

Jim Sampson

True Grumbler
Mar 30, 2005
green bay wi
I have several sets of old theatre lobby cards, some with 4-6 in a set, some with 8. Anybody have any experience in diplaying these?
Thanks, Sam
Thanks for your interest. The lobby cards are 10 x 14 each. They are actual cards that hung in theatre lobbies in the fifties and sixties. They showed different scenes, along with the cast and the movie title. The set I have is from the early fifties, and a couple of the corners are torn, and there are a few pinholes. They are actually really neat! The customer is leaving it completely up to me.I am just drawing a blank, and was hoping someone has seen them displayed.
Thanks, again , Sam
Lay them out in a multi-opening mat in one frame going either direction. Vertical might work best. Then cut a series of small squares in a row on either side (or top and bottom if horizontal layout) so the mat looks like a strip of film. Have done this with these and it looks "pissa" (as we say here in Bahstin).
If you decide to do them individualy you can still ad the same design element to each frame.

Oh ya, and make sure you do all that conservation stuff blah, blah blah,....
Good luck,