Framing info Needed


Grumbler in Training
Jun 9, 2004
HI everyone! I'm a newby in the framing business! I am interested in added framing to my business and want to know the best way to get started. I am a graphic designer presently and I also photograph pets. I would like to have the ability to do all my framing in house. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!

Where to start, where to start... The best way to start is by joining PPFA, the Professional Picture Framers' Association ( They used to have a 'new framer kit' with resources, education, etc. listed. You can also read the archives here, and check the Online Picture Framers' Exchange, affectionately called HitchHikers (HH), moderated by a fellow Naptown Hoosier named Merrill Grayson, MCPF. You can access HH by signing up through PPFA (not sure of the exact mechanics but the website should explain) It is a good idea to attend one of the picture framing schools, but lots of picture framing is learned from others, and this forum is one of the best resources. Folks both here and on the HH are glad to share our knowledge with you; disregard the few curmudgeons in each group.
Just remember, you could wind up as nutty as the rest of us!
Subscribe to Picture Framing Magazine. Lotsa good articles and sources. It also would be great to plan on doing the big trade show in Atlanta Sept. 10-12 and take every class you can manage. It's a good place to look for suppliers too. Details from Decor at 216-328-8926
Briana, Check out Zipporah (sp?) member 4263 that recently posted about selling her framing biz- she is in your neighborhood!

Okay, hi everyone - I have been lurking for years,(98'?) and never felt that I should be grumbling if I weren't working in the industry. You see, I took time off from my former life to be a mom, and my kids are almost old enough to be taught some basic framing skills..hah!
So, thanks for keeping me motivated about something I dearly love when I couldn't actually have my hands in the pot, so to speak. Great to be back, I am in the final stages of starting my own venture. I may not post much, but I certainly get a lot of good info. and good vibes from this bunch!