Framing Ideas For Disney Pins


Jul 24, 2006
Frisco, TX
Hello everyone!
I need a few ideas on how to frame these hat/lapel pins from Disney. Since I am new to framing, I want to keep it simple. My wife collected these pins when we went to Disney in 2000. My wife wants to able to, once in a while, remove them from the box. So I am guessing the front or back of the box should open. She also wants to be able to hang the frame on a wall.
Here are the pins:

Thanks in advance,
Troy, just throw them in any old Mickey Mouse frame... :D

Around DL [Disney Land] they were the Flair [pins] on suspenders.

So an easy way to do it is a photo of your wife, with suspenders and ears.. then make a slice in the photo where the top of the suspenders go over her shoulders, slide the end through of some real suspenders, and tack down. Then put the flair on the suspenders... and when she wants to wear, open the front, take the pin off the suspenders, and wear. The Suspenders will stay elastic for Minny years. 2" Rainbows are the suspenders of choice at DL.

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Hi Troy,
Take a look at the display boxes on my website. These were originally produced for my wifes collection of antique brooches.
They are easy to make and adapt.
If you need more details email me.
I like your suggestion, I'll have to find a rainbow suspender but instead of a picture of my wife, I'll try to cut a mat shapped liked Mikey's head.

I saw you display cases, they gave me good ideas on how to make the display case. I will also use the velcro to mount the pins, that way they can easily be detached.
this is a little off topic - but a few years ago a biker guy came in with his collection of disney pins. they were all nude little tinkerbells posing seductively on Harleys.

I had no idea that Disney would license something like that! They were adorable though - and let me tell you - Tink sure is a "perky" little thing!!! LOL!!

oh yeah - I remember reading that. However, those pins actually had the disney copyright stamp embossed in the backs of them. they were ligit!
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how about:

Suspenders.... and Minny..... jeeeeesh