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Jul 30, 1997
I was approched to do some fast framing for a movie being shot locally. Can I expect to collect a major 50% deposit on the order? I prefer payment in full on rush jobs. They want 24hr service. I'm in no mood to be jerked around this morning. Anyone have any insight dealing with these folks. Going to be an interesting morning.

I don't have personal experience, but my sister-in-law is assistant art director in the movie industry out in New Mexico, so I asked her about it. She works on some pretty star-filled films.

She said they want fast, same day, and has never known it to be a problem in paying. They probably get sent out with a credit card. I would ask for 100% on order placement.

my 2 cents
Good Luck! Wish they would come here!
I worked in a shop that was hired to do all the framing for "Girl Interupted" a few years back .... everything was RIGHT NOW, and there was lots of stuff ... none with glass. Payment was immediate.
The big question is, who is the film company? Are they a big name company, or just a small local group that wants free framing? Big name, and you should be safe. Small? Get money in advance. 100%
Get it upfront, when shooting is done and you don't have it all who will you chase?

They typically don't want glass, at least they don't on television (did some framing for a Law and order years back)
Get it upfront if it's a one-day job. What do they expect, to pay 50% down when placing the order, and the remainder when they pick it up 8 hours later? That's ridiculous. And if you have to deliver the goods and then wait 6 weeks for their accounting department to write you a check, nope.

Remember, if they need it this quickly, they probably don't have alot of time to run around to all the frame shops. They came to you. You are in the driver's seat. Payment in full at time of order.
Isn't it odd that it takes months to film a movie, yet when it comes to framing they want it in a day.

Hope you're getting "rush money" for the job or at least a free bag
The 1st job was easy. They just needed 15 mats cut. This is where the CMC kicks butt. 12 minutes and she was out the door. I'm going out and enjoy the CASH tonight.

We'll see if I get some more action next week.