framing clamps


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Mar 30, 2006
Charlottesville, Virginia
I am having trouble finding a source for Barton Framing Clamps or any good quality clamp. I am informed by United Mfrs that they are having problems with their clamps. Anyone know a source - also interested in buying used clamps?

Michael, are you looking for clamps, or vises?
If you Google "clamps" you will find a wealth of resources for various kinds that work on picture frame moulding (I have a couple sets of Bessey web clamps, and Merle band clamps).
Thanks Wally - I guess it would help to know what I I am talking about and I guess I don't. I want a heavy-duty metal"vise clamp" that needs to be secured to a work table -- one in which you clamp one piece of your moulding, add some quick drying glue and then clamp in the other piece. - allowing you to fiddle around with the two pieces of moulding until you get a nice tight joint. After the glue has set, you can vnail or use whatever other system for securing the joint.


While you are looking, check out Gearold Ledsome's miter vise. You can do a search on the Grumble for him.
What trouble is United saying it has with its vises? This is the first I am hearing about this. As far as I know and I am pretty sure I am correct, we have 3 very good quality vises available that fit your needs perfectly.
Peter - I buy most of my materials and equipment from United and I am happy with your service. I ordered one of your clamps that was clearly defective and when I called to ask for a call slip, the rep I spoke to said that "we" are having trouble with those clamps. I will call your office tomorrow to give you more detailed feedback if you wish.


Please call.