framing advice and estimate


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Jun 6, 2024
Saugerties, NY
How can I frame a large print on canvas matte with little bleeding space on all sides in a modern frame? Is it possible to look pro at a low cost? There are 14 pieces. The smallest frame will be about 26.5 x 34 Inches. There are two more sizes with the same framing.
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The short answer is strip framing, but not the kind used in Art 101 at the local community college, AKA screen moulding.

Basically it is strips of lattice material finished as you see fit and cut to length and nailed to the side of the stretchers. It's a step up to miter the joints, but worth it. Using hardwood lattice is also a plus unless you want a painted finish.
I'm currently doing two canvases using 1/4" X 7/8" walnut strips, finished with oil and wax. These are primitivist pieces, and require minimal framing.
Are you saying that you want prints on canvas to be stretched and placed into a standard frame(not a floater frame) with less than a 1 1/2" - 2" working border for the stretching? Note that the labor charges for items larger than 30" x 40" in many shops are priced as "oversized" jobs.
Welcome to the G.

I am a bit confused about what you have and what you want to do. Is the print on canvas? On paper? If on canvas, you should use stretcher bars (not strainer) and stretch it as you would any canvas. Or do you mean there is not enough allowance (blank) canvas to stretch it?