framing a quilt

Philly vintage

Feb 11, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
a very good customer of mine called and wants to bring in a king sized quilt to be framed. has anyone had experience with quilt framing? i've never had to frame anything so big before. I was thinking of hanging the quilt on the wall and attaching the built frame over it and directly to the wall.
Are you talking a 7'x7' king quilt? :eek:

done a couple.... but mostly I've had them have a seamstress sew a hanging pocket across the top, and I have turned some decorative ends for aluminum conduit to hang as a wall decore.

If it is "Antique", it won't be "King sized".

I have built a clipping system that is trimmed out with big wide moulding much like a ballister...

If they are wanting to frame it... the first question you need to answer is your availability of 100"x120" plex or acrylic.
Do they want a "frame" around it (with glass and such)? or just stretched/mounted on stretcher bars?

The first thing i can think of is to make sure you can get out of your shop doors when it's all finished!
Perhaps you could share a bit more information? New, old, fragile, sturdy, valuable, not valuable?

I've just finished treating and giving display advice for a monumental and culturally important quilt - 29' x 33' yikes - but big or small, overall support for long term display is important. Fabric covered tilt boards can be very useful.

At the very least, wide Velcro at top edge for new and/or very sturdy quilts is the generally accepted standard for hanging in textile circles.

Machine stitch fuzzy side to washed twill tape or washed fabric and then hand stitch the fabric edging to the quilt top. It's best if you can hide new stitching within quilting pattern.

Hook side of Velcro can be stapled to sealed (generally 2 coats of water based urethane allowed to cure for 6 weeks though better methods are also available if necessary) low emission wood like bass or poplar and screwed to wall or frames backing board.

Re the framing end, I defer to the large scale specialists!

I haven't actually seen the quilt yet, but it was hanging from stitched loops at the top of the quilt that suport the entire weight. the quilt is new.
The tentative plan is to attach the top of the quilt directly to the wall using a metal bar. Nails will be in the wall behind the quilt and loops will be stitched from the quilt to the nails to support and keep from sagging.
The frame will be assembled on site and attached to the wall directly over the quilt. I haven't figured that out that part yet. but i do have a piece of plexi for it.
thanks for your advice, I'm sure I'll need more as I'm figuring this out.