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cajun Framer

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Apr 7, 2002
I've been given four plate to mount in a box. I don't know how to attach the plate inside the box ! Can someone help with this matter. I admit, I haven't been framing very long. The plates are to be mouted in seperate boxes. Thanks cajun Framer.
Cajun Framer,
Since I haven't said so yet, welcome to the Grumble. There are lots of ways to mount plates. 1)You can sink mount them:cut a hole the exact diameter of the plate out of foamcore. You may need several pieces depending on the depth of the plate. Cut your top mat with the hole slightly smaller than the diameter, so that it covers over the edge of the plate slightly. Cut a solid piece of foam board for the backing. You ATG the backing & the surrounds together, put in the plate, ATG the top mat to the surround foamboard. You now have a plate sandwich, with no adhesives attached. The top mat will hold it in place, and keep the glass from touching it.
2) You can use plate hangers (look in gift stores or United Mf. catalogue for these) Wire the hanger through the mat & backing. All you can see are the little gold tips.
3) Use Mighty Mounts, also available from United and maybe from LJ. Depending on how deep your plate is, they offer different sizes & depths. They have mounts for lots of stuff, coins, knives, etc... and they can be adapted for other things as well.
4) You can buy premade plate frames from Bard's and Inline Ovals.
Sorry this post has been so long but sounds like you needed a few options. Good Luck. By the way, if you post questions on "How to.." on the main forum, the Grumble, you'll get lots more answers.


Hi Cajun,

Welcome to the Grumble.

I had a 6 or 7 page article written in DECOR magazine back a few years ago about framing plates and I will try to scan the article into my computer and post it for you. If the text isn't readable I will copy and mail it to you if you give me your address. My plate designs are quite different from the "readymades" that you see sold by Wild Wings and other companies. I have done over 400 plates now and have only duplicated a design once on a matching set of plates that were framed and connected together as a set.


The article scanned OK but the files were much too large to post here so I am including a few photos of plate designs that I took from the article. If these look interesting to you let me know and I will give you some pointers as to how to build a basic frame similar to the Pintail duck plate.

This one is a double plate set done in black walnut and pinned together with walnut dowels.

This one is a basic frame

This is the back of the plate .

I cut out an opening to read the back stamp on each plate:

You can do an octagon frame.

And you can put multiple plates into a single frame.

I hope this gives you some ideas to create some different looking plate frames. If you need additional information, please ask.

Nice pics framerguy! It would be great if more people would use this to post photos of their work, I know I'd love to see them!
(btw, I wouldnt mind posting some photos myself, except I can't seem to figure out how to do it :confused: ) hint, hint... anyone ..?