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Framing a Cute Little Blue Cat


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Anyone ever get framer's block??? This last week my creative gene must have shut off. I can not come up with anything cool this week.

Here is what I have. One of the two will be my fiance's valentines day present for her office.
Anyone have any ideas to throw out to me?

I am thinking about white or off white mat according to which one I get with a blue bottom mat. Then taking a small cat print rubber stamp and stamping little blue paw prints on the white mat.

I am open to all crazy ideas


How 'bout a bronzy gold fillet instead of a second mat?

If you stamp the paw prints on the inside of the glass you can overlap them onto the artwork for that walked-on look.

I was thinking fillet..but not convinced yet. They are small like 11 x 14 prints with a smaller image area.

I do like the paw prints on glass idea
I don't know how well the stamp will work on the glass, but acid-etched paw prints would be AWESOME (and subtle.) If you do them on the outside of conservation glass, they'll cast a bit of a shadow and won't mess with the UV coating.

I like a very wide 8-ply rag mat with a painted bevel.
I think Ron's still got that framing thing going for him!
Insurance, puhshaw!

I can't believe I'm sayiing this, but the only color I would use would be a thin line of gold (whatever the eyes are exactly) on a painted bevel - thick white or barely not white mat.. chunky gold frame would be cool, too.

Oh just wait until the Goddess sees it- you'll get another great idea to choose from.
This is where Integrated Framer / Picture It First come really handy!

A thin frame (less than 1/2 inch) same color as the eyes (I have one from Omega, I believe). Outside frame is silver with blue (a frame within a frame).
Frame within a frame could be good idea

I think the painted bevel is where I am looking at right now.....and here I go pulling out the Omega catalog.

Acid etched glass....got to look that one up
Blue brightcore mat from Crescent! Cut paw prints in it, with color matching the eyes showing through!

Not too big a mat, just single, then that smoky blue simple frame from Studio. Or one of the new wide metals from Neilsen.
double dark blue mat[same color] to match the cat on the chair, light blue paw prints on the mat.... with acid etched on the face of glass to walk across the print...[because that's how a cat would do it.]

gold/bronze the top bevel, leave the other for the negative space.

Frosted German Silver metal frame. Continue light blue paw prints on top and side of frame.
Wide metal frame with the paw prints continued on it - I really like that.

How should the paw prints go? Chair print, I can run them in the white area, but on the other one, I dont know.

Great ideas everyone! I appreciate it
Keep them coming if you have any.

Hanna - like the idea but dont think a CMC can get the paws little enough and cutting by hand would be interesting.

[ 01-29-2006, 01:49 PM: Message edited by: Steven6095 ]
Let me throw this idea out as a combination of all the others and with a dash of simplicity thrown in.

Either print - moderatly wide dark blue double mats matching the cat. Painted bevel to match the eyes.

Paint pawprints either matching the chair or the lighter blue fur on chin starting center bottom, meandering on mat around and out upper right.

Nice wide Neilsen frame (goldish) with the paw prints starting and finishing on it.
Baer - looks great!
Two questions:
1) What type of paint and applicator?
2) On glass or mat?
1) acrylic paint and rubber stamps.
2) on the mat and frame

If you can't find kitty paw prints small enough... draw what you want and find someone local who makes custom rubber stamps. They're cheap.

If they can make you a silicon stamp.. then you can dip it into the acid and stamp the glass where the picture is.... because cats ALWAYS walk across pictures, keyboards, newspaper, book, etc etc.
I'm usually a big fan of white or neutral mats but I don't think that is the answer here. I would want to use a very deep sea blue mat the color of the kitty, fabric would be a good choice. Then a fillet that has that bronzy olive color of his eyes, Gotta capture the color of those eyes. There is a Roma Giovanni frame that is a nice bronzy olivey color that would look great up against the blue mat and continue to show off his eyes. That is my thought on the face shot anyway.

Ya better post the finished product.

This would be fun to do as a contest, just like the PPFA contest. Pick a piece of art and we could all show our best efforts.................
Thanks for all the help

TIme to get to work on it. I ended up with the one in the chair.

Yes I will post it !
and you are correct this would be an awesome contest piece.

Also thinking of perhaps white paw prints vs brighter / greenish blue all according to which mat and frame I pick out.

Thanks again to everyone!
Emibub - the prints are $30 which is not too bad and they are cute as they can be. As for contest you know what could be fun - Everyone post their favorite peice they do in the month of February. Not really a contest but could be a cool thread

www.petethecat.com is where the prints are.
Originally posted by Steven6095:
Also thinking of perhaps white paw prints vs brighter / greenish blue all according to which mat and frame I pick out.
You'll have a more pleasing blend with a touch of blue in the white. Just so you notice the blue if you stamp it on a white board. The brain will carry the white theme, but it will harmonize better with the dark blue. Nona can explain it better.