Framing a Catcher's Mask - ideas?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
This is my personal project

Framing one of John Buck's (catcher for Kansas City) first MLB game worn mask.
Simple to mount - not a problem.

Anyone have any "out in left field" ideas? Grass for the backing? How....?
Anything at all

It never fails to astound me what the grumble will come up with ;)
Good ideas!
I also had one!!!

I have emailed a place that sells synthetic grass! Not the ugly plastic kind but the stuff that looks real for gardens and yards :)They give away free samples, but I inquired about buying like 2 square feet!
I am going to stop by a place today and see if I can get it from a retailer - about $5 a square foot.

I figured the mask in a shadow box made out of white ash and sealed to look like baseball bat wood and using the "gass" as the lining for the box.
Baer - GREAT FRAME!!!!

Retail price listed on website?....Is that what "we" pay? Little too rich for my taste
50% Steven. but 50% upcharge for build-ups up to 4".

Or you can do what I did for the first one...

Turn bat, slice in half, make another, and another, go to ER, pick at stitches make another bat, slice other finger, make an....

Glue what you have at end of week to the next week and paint lib.... oh, never mind :D
Thanks for the info Baer. Have not measured so I dont know how deep, but it will either be one of those frames or if too deep an ash vermont hardwoods.

Thanks for the advice on the frame
Now gotta find some grass ;)

Also had the idea of going out to the local ball park (john actually played here in single A) and getting some of the sand / dirt mixture they use on the infield. Make a small acylic box (non glare on front) with like a 1/4 in of space and fill it with the sand and use that as the background.
Mask could easily be supported from bottom or using acrylic standoffs.

Now I am thinking about perhaps doing the bottom half of the frame with the "grass" and the top half in the dirt
Make the frame in the shape of home plate is what I thought.
I like the homeplate idea

I have to really sit down and think about this now
TOO many options! Thanks to everyone.