Frames with "Access"


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Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
I have a gentleman looking for frames that are hinged that can be opened so he can access the magazine he wants to frame. I know I can come up with something custom but I was hoping to find a source that might have standard sized ones as he wants to do several and doesn't necessarily want to put out for custom prices if he can avoid it. I didn't come up with much doing a google search. Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance from beautiful snowy Colorado.
Swingframes are the way to go I have used the numerous times .If you explain to them what your trying to do they are helpful. http//
Oops, forgot I even asked this question, talk about addle minded.

Thanks Jo and Cassetta, this is exactly what the gentleman wanted. I was doing a search for "hinged frames". Sometimes you don't quite know what to tell Google you are looking for. :confused:

You might also try display cases. These guys specialize in triangular flag displays but also have hinged display cases, too. Once on their site, click on "display cases" near the bottom of the frame, then check out "Military Honors".

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