FramerSelect 2004


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
All for $120 per year

what's different?

no national ads
no referrals

what's the same?

marketing tools & support
internet link

seems worth $10 bucks a month to Less

Wonder if they would let Less in?
Concentration on internet presence, no more print advertisement in home shelter publications.

Marketing/merchandising support on an a la carte basis.

Focus on increasing member base.

Still offering referals (no not the kind you got in high school, Less), and still having valuable seminars/meetings.

You might have to shed your nom de plume though.

Check 'em out at their web site, I know of several Grumblers that have re-upped.
A friend just came back from Las Vegas and told me about the new pricing. What a deal. Heck, I would have paid $120 a month if I could ever get this <strike>albatross</strike> little money maker out of neutral.

Since the industry is changing so much and the "Big Boys" keep muscling their way into the landscsape we really need something to promote us independents. I've wondered why the PPFA doesn't work on educating the public but I guess their job is to educate us. So, we need a presence in the public eye.

I'll definitely join up, that is like Less said, if they'll have me. :eek: Anything to get us attention with the buying public. Seems we need something, otherwise we will parish, she said very morosely on this very cold day.......
The FramerSelect workshop at WCAF was excellent by any measure. Members who manage to attend one or two of those a year will certainly have their money's worth.

Now that we pay only for the FramerSelect resources we use, almost everyone can afford to join.
What, exactly, are they offering now?
To get the whole story, you might want to contact Jeff Grabowski at FramerSelect. He is a registered Grumbler, and his email address is in his profile.

Those of us that are members know what aspects of FramerSelect have attracted us to membership. There are many aspects to it that I don't take advantage of that others find attractive, so getting a general overview of all they have to offer would be a good idea. I am in total agreement with Jim Miller about the value of the workshops. Even though I had to leave the one in Las Vegas early I felt that I had gained quite a bit of insight.
I just called them and they're sending me an enrollment packet. Thanks much Less for the heads-up.
Get in while you can. There are limited number of shops in an area. You can not be too close to another FramerSelect shop.
It is a great value. We have used many of the marketing tools. Some members did not. The way it will be now is an extra charge for the extra things such as help with ad design, cards, ect.
Hello Grumblers,

I see there are some questions regarding the new FramerSelect Program for 2004.

We announced these changes just weeks ago to our members and introduced the new program at the West Coast Art & Frame Show last week in Las Vegas. With the new pricing structure, we anticipated a strong response and are pleased to say that we received one.

FramerSelect is committed to supporting the independently owned picture frame shop through third-party endorsements, marketing support, business & networking workshops, and by offering the consumer a National Internet Directory of highly qualified frames shops near them.

What follows is a copy of a letter we sent to our members. This should answer most questions you may have.

Thanks and if you want to learn more or would like to receive an application for membership, please give us a call.

Jeff Grabowski
FramerSelect (800)444-8387


January 7, 2004

Dear FramerSelect Member,

2004 begins the fourth year since the official launch of FramerSelect and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce changes to the program for the New Year.

We are reducing the monthly membership fee and consolidating the services we offer while adding a pay-per-service menu of marketing products and services exclusively for the use of our members.

Outlined below are the major changes taking place followed by a Q & A section addressing some anticipated questions that you may have. Additionally, we are available by phone or email should you wish to speak to someone directly.

Membership Dues – Dues will be reduced to $10.00 per month (versus $120.00/month) and will be billed in one installment of $120.00 good for an entire year.

Consumer Advertising – FramerSelect will be concentrating on Internet marketing through search engine placement and will no longer be placing advertisements in home shelter publications.

Internet Services – FramerSelect has partnered with ArtAffairs to provide a full range of website services at special membership prices.

Pay-Per-Service Menu – FramerSelect will offer products and services beyond basic membership at an additional cost.

While the application and approval process for membership has remained intact, with these changes, FramerSelect will be able to better serve each of its members on an individual basis.

We are pleased to introduce the 2004 program and reduced membership fees. We look forward to the new year and continuing to serve your Frame Shop’s marketing needs.

Jeff Grabowski
Vice President, FramerSelect
cc. Jay Goltz


FramerSelect 2004 Program Q & A

Why is FS making changes? Throughout the past three years, FramerSelect has evaluated each element of the program to determine what is working, what could be working better or what is not working at all - in terms of both success rate and associated costs. We are implementing these changes based upon extensive business analysis and membership feedback.

Has FS modified the program in the past? Yes. This same evaluation process has resulted in improvements to membership qualification, website upgrades in content and store locator function, ad designs and magazine title placement, referral automation, as well as the elimination and addition of services offered.

When are these changes taking effect? These changes are effective January 1st, 2004.

What marketing strategies has FS previously employed? Since it’s inception, FramerSelect has explored and developed a variety of marketing avenues to attract consumers and differentiate the best independently owned custom framing businesses from chain store and franchise operations. These included consumer advertisements in home décor publications, monthly brochure mailings, a professional website, in-store signage, certificate of recognition, educational brochures and direct mail postcards.

Why is FS focusing on the Internet? When analyzing the leads from the FramerSelect website and print ads, of those that could be directly traced, we found that leads generated from our website had a greater conversion to sales. In comparison, those responding to a magazine ad took much longer to follow up with and were more often simply curious and doing research for the future.

Why is FS no longer advertising in home shelter publications? From the beginning, the greatest challenge has been to reach critical mass in membership to support the monumental expense of a national print advertising campaign. In order to continue a print campaign, membership dues would need to drastically increase thus even further limiting membership enrollment.

Is it important to market your business to potential future customers? Yes. While an ideal marketing plan that is properly funded would employ both a long-term strategy focused on building consumer awareness (print ads) and a short-term vehicle used to connect with consumers who want to find you now (the internet), there are other more cost-effective means of advertising to reach potential customers such as direct mail and local print.

Will FS continue to send me a list of monthly leads from my area? Yes. Although the number will be reduced due to FramerSelect no longer running print ads, we will continue to forward leads received by phone and email.

Does the lead list include the names of people who visit my shop’s web page on No. We do not require consumers to enter their name and address in order to use the FramerSelect website’s “Store Locator” function. Studies have shown that when websites first require the consumer to enter their personal information to access information on the site, 75% or more will abort the process or supply false information.

When did FS begin marketing picture-framing businesses? In March of 2001, FramerSelect launched it’s website hosting a national directory of the best frame shops in America.

What other types of services did FS expand into? FramerSelect also tackled business issues and networking opportunities by supplying an on-line discussion board, newsletters (both printed and email versions), members’ only workshops and group meetings at various trade shows. Additionally, FramerSelect extended it’s scope to include member services such as supplying copy writing, press releases, custom ads, visual graphics and a Recommended Vendor program.

Why is FS changing to a Pay-Per-Service Menu? There are two reasons. While many of these services were included at no extra charge when membership fees were $120.00/month, with the newly reduced membership fee, they are impossible to offer at no extra cost. In addition, not all members utilized them at the same rate. This will allow those members who wish to use these services to do so without increasing the overall fee for basic membership.

Will FS continue to assist in the growth of my business? While the program has evolved on different levels, the core element of FramerSelect has remained focused on our third-party endorsement and support to enhance the professional image and operation of each member’s business.


FramerSelect 2004 Program

Standard Membership:Upon completion of the approval process and remittance of membership dues, enrollment in FramerSelect entitles each member to the following benefits of Standard Membership.

Membership Dues – Dues are $120.00 per enrollment year for each frame shop location.

Annual Membership – Membership will be for a twelve (12) month period beginning the first whole month after completion of the FramerSelect Approval process.

Website Listing – Your shop’s location and framing specialties will be detailed on and searchable under the Store Locator function.

Membership Exclusives - Access to FramerSelect Workshops and Recommended Vendor Programs.

FramerSelect Start-Up Kit – Includes the following:
o Front door/window member decal
o Certificate of membership recognition
o 25 counter-top brochures – “10 things to know before framing your picture”
o Membership binder with past newsletters
o List of Recommended Vendor Incentives
o FramerSelect framer’s apron
o FramerSelect pens
o FramerSelect calculator
o FramerSelect framer’s ruler
o Passwords to access “Members Only” section of
o On-line access to FrameHead Forums and newsletter archives

Additional Products and Services: The following products and services are available exclusively for members to purchase. Due to the custom nature of the services offered, an average price range is listed. A final quote will be provided after your specific needs have been discussed.

Products: prices range from $5.00 - $65.00
Direct mail postcards $65.00 per 1000 cards
(custom imprints available at additional cost)
“10 things to know before framing your picture” brochures $50.00 per 100 brochures
FramerSelect framer’s apron $25.00 each
FramerSelect calculator $8.00 each
FramerSelect framer’s ruler $8.00 each
FramerSelect pens $2.50 each

Services: prices range from $50.00 - $1500.00

FramerSelect offers the following services:
Copy Writing Services
Design Services
Editing Services

Due to the unique nature of each job, after an initial discussion outlining your specific job requirements, we will provide you with a flat fee quote before embarking on your project.

Examples of projects we can assist with include but are not limited to:
Direct mail pieces
Website content
Ad scripts
Press releases
Content analysis

ArtAffairs Partnership

FramerSelect is proud to announce that we’ve formed a strategic alliance with ArtAffairs to provide added value for our members. As a FramerSelect member, you will receive the following exclusives when contracting the services of ArtAffairs.

o$50.00 OFF the one-time activation fee of $150.00
o20% OFF the monthly service fee when purchasing an ArtAffairs website template
o50% OFF domain name registration
o15% OFF all ArtAffairs Website Template Additional Services (excluding search engine optimization and extra email accounts)