Framers BB on this side of the pond.



I thought I would let you guys know that we have a Picture Framers BB on this side of the pond…….

John McAfee is the person behind this BB and a framer from Belfast he is also the author of the ESTLITE POS software for framers.

Drop in and say hello to all of us on this side of the pond.


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Done deal, Dermot!

I hope that your forum catches on as the Grumble did here and the Aussie G did down under!

I will be stopping by to check it out on a regular basis.

Thanks for the info.

Hello Dermot,

I'm wondering if you know my girlfriends family. Her father owns a restaraunt in Greystones called "Vino Pasta". His name is Bill Tyrrell.

Anyway, I thought maybe you might have dined there at some time.

K. Roddick
K Roddick

I know the restaurant I have been there a few times……I can’t say I know Bill.

I checked out the "UKGrumble and will stop by now and then. I've got a question, though - what is that software like? I downloaded the trial version to play with at home - does anyone have any hands-on experience with it??