Framerica or similar mldg needed

Rob Markoff

PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 8, 1999
San Diego, CA USA
Hi All-

I need about 7 1/2 feet of a discontinued Framerica mica mldg. A client had a fire and I need to replace a frame that was damaged (to match others that were not).

The moulding I need is 2903, gloss almond. They have discontinued that color (though I know it is available as colordust 29103)

The alternative is DECOR 3101, which has also been discontinued.

Any other sources for glossy moulding?

I have some old Nurre moulding that is high gloss almond color. Don't know the number. I have about 11 feet (8 + 3). It is a 1 1/8" wide scoop with a 7/16" rabbet.

Does that help?
Wow, Cliff! I thought I was a "pack rat", but that stuff sounds REALLY old. I think that goes back to the days when Henry Nurre Co. was distributing Guerrini Moulding.
Rick, A VERY OLD shop went out of business in Worcester last year. They left some moulding and the landlord gave it to me. I had a little more than a 100' and that's all that's left. My Nurre rep didn't even recognize the profile!
Man, when I saw there were 3 replies, I thought I hit paydirt. Thanks, Cliff but I have to have the same profile as the others.