Framerguy's a Grandpa!!


PFG, Picture Framing God
Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
My son and his wife had a baby girl yesterday!!

Taylor Kate was born about noon yesterday, she weighed in at 8lbs. 10oz. and is 21" long!

BIG baby girl!!

My son got to do the exit from the birth canal part of the delivery and he sounded exhausted when I talked to him about 4 hours later! He sounded like HE did all the work!

She was in labor only a little over 2 hours after her water broke and delivered within 15 minutes after going into the delivery room. That's pretty quick for a first delivery, isn't it??

Thought I'd share the good news.

Nothing better than grand kids. I just helped my son renovate a second floor of his house and we put BIG closets in the new grand daughters room..and now my wife thinks it's her duty to fill the closet with new garments.
Congratulations Tom!

All the best to you and your son and his family.

You'll be a fab Grandfather.

Congratulations, Gramps!

Is it too early to start teaching the little munchkin about proper conservation framing?
How about some simple hinging techniques?
Originally posted by McPhoto:
Your son must be exhausted!
Ha!! According to him, HE did all the work!!! :eek:

My two grandkids just left, Ben is 5 and Annie is 3, and I am, well, exhausted. Grandkids had a sleep over at Grandma Lynn's and Grandpa Jack's house but you know what, I would not trade the time spent with the grandkids for anything in this world. We play, we laugh, we ride my horse, and I don't have a care in the world when I am with them.

My heartfelt congratulations to you Grandpa,
"God couldn't be everywhere, so He invented Grampas"
Congratulations, Grampa! There's no feeling in the world like holding the brand-new child of your child.
I just love being.....Grammy!
Remember, the two most beautiful lights in the world are the Aurora Borealis and the taillights of your grandchildren leaving. But what fun we have when we are together!
Congrat's! Being a grandparent is one of the greatest joys in life. And watch the walls in your store - mine are getting overrun with framed pictures of my granddaughter (I only have one grandchild so far). Sure is fun! Enjoy.
Let the good times begin! Hope she is close enough to spend plenty of time with. Nothing more beautiful than your own grandbaby!!
Fresh off the presses, photos of the new grand baby!!






This child looks EXACTLY like her father did at that age!! And he looked like HIS dad all the way from birth to present day!!

(Does that mean that the poor girl will look like Framerguy when she grows up???)

Congratulations, Framerguy!! She's beautiful!

Being a grandparent is a wonderful thing, I have two granddaughters, 2 and 5.
Originally posted by Janet L:
Tom, your son looks like you spit him out.
Spit him out or threw him up, I'm not sure which applies, :eek: but both my sons look so much like me at their stages of life that it is very scary.

I have photos of myself when I lived in Europe during my middle 20's and Eric once swore up and down that he had never been on skis before!! He was looking at a photo of ME taken in Austria in the middle 60's!!

Taylor already had more hair than her Granddude - I think that's a hopeful sign.

Beautiful little girl.

OK, Kit, touchy!! (or is that touche??)

Anyhoo, my dad always told me, "Son, ya can't have hair and brains both."

He was bald as a cue ball!! :cool:

I think she has hair like her mom and grandmom on that side o' the family. Heck, ya can't tell from the photo, but Eric is receding at an alarming rate! (According to him, at least.) By the time I was his age I had no hair on top.

Congratulations, Tom. Beautiful baby.

I agree, your son looks just like you.