Framer who wants to be a photographer?


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May 26, 2005
Hudson Falls NY
I have a small Photo Studio and my work is award winning. I do some matting and frames always use the best and drive 50 miles each way to get my supplies. I am not a framer but have done frames for over 20 years and photos for 30 years darkroom, digital, it all and love it! Within 10 miles of my studio there are 15 wedding photographers, many weekend hacks doing a great deal of harm to real wedding photogs who care about the art! In the next city is a framer who does very good frames and landscape. He has start to joint the weekend wedding hacks for a quick buck!
I have seen his weddings and I feel sorry for his clients
. Poor Photos, proof handed to the clients in the one hours labs bag, loose. I print my own work, correct them and put them in a proof books with the neg or digital files in a book systems. This want-to-be has bad mouth me to clients and when he find that they have been talk to be he low balls his price to the point that he is just making his weekend beer money. I had him do two jobs for me over the last few years first one he burn the prints in the dry mount press and did not paid for the reprints. The next day I order a dry mounting press. The next job, a few years later was a large print 24 by 55. I need it printed as it was Photoshop file with 212 layers for a fire department. The first lab did not know how to print it or could not print it.
His shop did that size all the time and was offering the service to all Photographer. I knew him from doing his work in the lab I use to work in till my Studio got going and I always treat him and his work very well! The fire department print need to be done in three days as the first printer had it for over a week and I use to work at that lab. When I called him on the phone it was cool and he quoted a fair price after he had the size. I walk into his shop and again told him the size, the deadline and he look at the proof he agree on the same price as we had talk about on the phone earlier. He must of been high because the price jump by $100 a few second later and then $250. I ask him how come, he said that I did not how costly the inks are. I told him that my printer uses the same inks but was only 13in. and I need 24in. Then out of the blue he started to call me a mother f**@ and F this and that.
I called the first lab and talk to the owner and he agree to let me in and I ran my own print and show the first lab how to do it
. The next day I order a large format printer. I now sent my client to a small frame shop in my town and hope that some day he finds out how much business he is lossing. :D I will never say any thing bad or good about him or his frame shop. Because of him I now in the framing business but only my work and also in the large format pinting business. Small town and it is better if I do it myself!

it is sad that we can be so unkind to each other :(

Mike Mason
owner and Master Photographer @
A Mason's Photo Studio

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You are a very calm polite man to take such abuse. I have to say I admire you in taking it. I'm afraid that after the first mother f, it would be real tough not to have put the guy on the floor, and him not being there because he was washing it. It's really too bad you had to go through all that. Some people just don't care to get along I guess, but he crossed the line in my opinion. Like I say, I think you handled the situation the way you should have. I may not have made the best decision.