framer losing his cool...


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Jul 30, 1997
I'm have a bit of problem with these loverly folks that host our server.

Expect a few problems for the next couple of weeks. I will be making a change to a new server as soon as I can, can continue to grow.

:( :mad:

I'm going to shut down the search function for now.

Now I go complain again.

It can be a real headache to keep a website going smoothly. I know what a hassle it can be.
Thanks for the great job that you do with TG.
Hey Framer -

Following up on a previous response posted on the other thread - if money is the solution, just post the request. I visit daily and have obtained SO MUCH information that I would be happy to contribute.

Money may be part of the issue, but certainly not all of it. What The Grumble needs now, framer's current server may not be able to provide for any price.

And framer will not ask for money. This site is free to all users and will likely remain so.

But if anyone wanted to send framer a little President's Day gift as a token of appreciation, that would be very nice. Just don't wait to be asked.
No! money is not the issue unless I was born yesterday and pay our hosting company for a dedicated server, never happen. I'm working on a server right now. I should know in the next few days if plan A will work or go to a Temp Plan B.

Everything under control :cool: and will be taken care of shortly. I was short tempered last night when I found out the search engine was failing for lack of server space.

For now my complaint paid off. We now have enough memory to restart the search function. I not going to sit back and let this happen again. A move is still planned. This should at least buy me time to do a well planned out move.

New server is up and running. Now the testing starts.

Need any help testing?
I think what framer is telling us is that The Grumble isn't broke and it isn't broken.

Trust framer to do what needs to be done and don't be afraid to post (except for you, Less.)