Framed Cross Stitch


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 10, 2000

This is something I did. The piece was the PPFA first place winner in the open competition a few years back. I am posting it because I am sure many missed it. The needlework also one first place, plus best in show at the Eastern States Exposition Craft Adventure. I reframed it for the framing competition.

The x st is 32 count (16 count worked over 2 threads). There are beads and metallic threads throughout. I think it took me about 6 months to stitch.

The frame and fillet are from LaMarche. I altered the finish on both to match the beadwork. I matched the corners as best I could. The x st and the mat are both padded. There is a continuous liner around the needlework, and a fabric covered spacer between the mat and the frame.

I thought I'd post it, since it is hanging up for the holidays.
*golf clap*

Wow, very nicely done, both the stitching and the framing. Tell us more about the mechanics of it. How did you pad the wrapped mat? I think I know, but did it cause any difficulties wrapping it? I'm really curious about how you altered the finish. I've been wanting to do that but I don't even know where to start.

Once more, applause.
The finish altering was not too complicated. I used Mat Magic paint, 'cuz it was handy. I applied it randomly on the fillet and frame. The color was too bright, so I added some unseal to Treasure Gold to liquify it, and washed it over the paint. Then I wiped off enough gold to allow the colors to show through. I then sealed the frame with spray shellac.

I actually had a flat mat done for this piece, but I wanted to try something different. That is when I decided on the padded mat. If memory serves, I cut a mat as usual (reverse bevel). I sprayed the mat with adhesive and added the padding. I sprayed adhesive to the padding, and added the fabric on top. I cut the fabric for the window as usual, and pulled it to the inside. I probably held it in place first with acid free ATG to get it straight, then taped it down with linen tape (I'm guessing on this, but it sounds reasonable, since I don't like the look of unfinished fabric). Did the same on the outside perimeter. It was kind of hard to do, because the padding and fabric would shift as I was working with it. There is a little bit of fabric creep in one corner (the corner in the photo) where the mat meets the fillet. I was marked down for that, but I knew I would be. My regular mat was perfect, but I liked the padding better.

Gosh, I feel like I'm filling out one of those dreaded competition forms all over again!
That is drop-dead stunning! I don't have anything intelligent to add - just that I love the Big E. We used to go every year but I moved too far south. My mom & sister go without me. I haven't seen a good butter sculpture in forever! This must've been the winner a year I didn't go because I'd remember it!
You made me remeber Two things Pam.
First and most importantly why I never entered the PPFA compatitions.( I know my limits)

And how much I miss showing off my shop and Marie's Cross stitching work.
(We did save some of her work but that are in need of a professional Cleaner or maybe even a Textile Conservator,but we have dozens of them)

PS Are there any GRUMBLERS ,active or Lurkers, in the Mandeville/Covington ,La. area ( I have seen at least 6 shops within 5-6 miles of my new home) ?I'd love to talk to you about working,contact me at or 985-626-1825)