frame wiring proportions


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Mar 4, 2003
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Okay - first, I gotta say, we're not using Wall Buddies here; this is a wiring question...

We've always used the old wiring proportions (give or take) of:
- D-rings attached 1/3 of the way down from the top of the moulding and
- picture hanger position (top of the wire) being 1/2 way between top of frame and D-rings

However, when the frame proportion is quite extreme, for example,
1) 8" X 32" vertical, or
2) 8" X 32" horizontal ...

is there "an equation" (sorry, again - wire, not Wall Buddies) for the D-rings and wire???

We frame hundreds of this sort of size every year and, although we've never had a problem, I was just wondering?

Inquiring minds want to know ... oops... sorry, Ron :D Ignore that last cliche.
Place D-rings down from the top of the frame enough that the wall hooks will not show above the frame. If you're using wall anchors, no problem. There is no specific spacing proportion, as far as I know.

For wire, the FACTS standard is clear: Place the wire down from the top of the frame far enough that, using two wall hooks/anchors, the wire leaves the termination points at an angle of at least 60 degrees.

Why not WallBuddies?
Originally posted by Jim Miller:
Why not WallBuddies?
Good question:
Sigh ... I knew it would come up.

Answer: (perhaps not so good)
1) Old habits die hard.
2) I personally hate putting holes in the wall. 2 hole is twice as bad.
3) I'd like to say price but, having looked at info on Wall Buddies on line and, having made my decision for now (#1 and 2 above), I have no idea of prices locally.

Thanks for the feedback, tho'!
A picture framer must get over a fear of holes in the wall . Walls with lots of holes always need more framing to cover them up.
Cassetta's reasons in support of multi-attachment hanging work for me, but...

The FACTS standard recommends TWO hanging points, because they help keep the frame straight, and they give better support to the frame, and the 60-degree, two-point wire puts less stress on the frame.

We gotta have reasons, ya know.