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Frame Square Equipment


Nov 14, 2004
I'm a newbie who's new to The Grumble.
I am looking for feedback/opinions from anyone who has experience with Frame Square Ind. equipment other than their saws. The "Maxi Framer", "Jiffy Joiner", or "Mini Mite Framer" were of interest to me.

I met two of the sales people in Philly, we stayed in the same hotel. These guys are really nice and have some good stuff. I am not sure which v-nailer it was, the one you do by hand and something with your knee...sorry I have a headache, but they seemed pretty good. I am looking at their equipment for future purchases. Good luck and Welcome to the Grumble.
Patrick Leeland
I have each of the items you mention, including the saw. Are you close enough to just visit them?

The Mini Mitre is great for quickly clamping small mouldings up to about 2" or so.

The MaxiFramer is a heavier duty clamp that handles up to a bit over 3" and I'm looking to modify mine to take wider mouldings.

The Jiffy Joiner is a manual underpinner that works much better on softwood than hardwood. I have trouble getting vnails longer than 1/4" to drive all the way on the rabbet edge of hardwoods. The driver is prone to glue buildup, but easy to clean as long as you don't use any solvent on the bushings. I learned the hardway. The best lubricant that I found is Mobil Velocite #10 or Mobil DTE22. They are interchangeable and readily available from any Bernina sewing machine dealer.

Thanks for your informative response.

I live about 3 hrs. from their shop, so I will be visiting them soon I hope. Just wanted first hand feed-back.

I visited your site... WOW!!! The "Ideas" section is nothing short of spectactular. Given your obvious penchant for quality, I am concluding that you find the Frame Square equipment quite satisfactory.
Are you still using the Jiffy Joiner? The Mobil products are for removing glue buildup?

Thanks again,
The Jiffy Joiner is in service every day and our volume is relatively low. The MaxiFramer is only used occasionally. Glue buildup is easily removed with a razor blade. The lubricant is used on the bronze sleeves. I had a brainfart one day and used solvent.... things froze tight enough to require a replacement driver head.

TNX for the website comments. The info is about 2 years old now and waiting for a soon to be published upgrade.