Frame shop near Oakland, California


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Feb 20, 2003
Adelaide - South Australia
Hi all,
Have a client in this area that is looking for an independent frame shop to check out a good range of frame profiles and finishes for a project.
We are costing up a nice convex rectangular mirror to reflect the lights of SF !

I have advised her that a local independent frame shop is likely to assist with a great design etc and would be safer for them for fitting correctly of the convex mirror glass, probably in the dimensions about 16" - 18" high x 49" - 49" wide.
Hanging horizontally (I can see Wall Buddies will be ideal for this project !)

I am happy to pass on all my experiences and advice for this type of job, it is as easy as framing any flat glass item.

Please e-mail me privately or private message me with your details, if I can refer you to this client.

Many thanks in advance.