frame ready cash drawer


May 21, 2003
Northwest Ohio
Just starting with Frame Ready. Can't get the cash drawer to activate at the end of the sale. I believe that I have the receipt printer driver installed correctly. I must be missing something. Can anyone help?
Boy, am I behind the times!! I almost feel like saddling up the ol' mare for a ride into town!

I am still punching the keys on my old NCR solid steel throughout cash register that weighs about as much as 10 sacks of quarters! I had no clue that FrameReady even had a register receipt driver or a cash drawer activator and I have been using it since v.2.0!

I DO take solace in the fact that, should I ever be robbed, those idiots will get one heck of a hernia trying to walk out with the register!


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I use the same "cash register" that my Dad built from 1 5/8" latice and masonite back in the 70's.
A majority of my business is credit cards and checks, so I don't even keep cash in the drawer anymore. I usually have enough pocket money to make change should anyone ever offer to pay in cash.