Frame Labels

Cheryl Crocker CPF GCF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 27, 1999
Boone, NC, USA
I printed out a set of labels to attach to the backs of frames when I am not doing the entire job. The labels state that our store completed the following: with a list of jobs and space to make a check mark. Plus a place for the date, initials and comments. This is great for jobs where I just replace the matting or maybe the glass. I can also write in a comment like: Photo previously drymounted to acidic mat board.

I hope this hasn't already been posted? I know it's not a new idea, but very helpful to me!
Sounds useful but I keep those notes on the job sheet and bill and save those. Why put them on the frame also? Have any customers objected?
Cheryl, I think that's a great idea! Several times when we've had to re-do another shop's work, I've wanted to leave my label off the back as there are parts (such as the mounting) that cannot be undone. Many pieces of needlework fall into the same category as they have been GLUED down. To me, I wouldn't want another frame shop several years from now to think that I was the one who did the dastardly deed! Your labels are perfect for many types of those jobs!
Good Idea. For years we've just written that type of information on the backing facing the art in pencil, UNDER the dust cover, so that if there is a question in the future it's still readable. (Sometimes the dust cover is messed up and replaced, but if the backing is still there, so is my comments.) It seems to me that maybe in both spots might be the most conservative way to go. Interestingly enough, in 24 years+ I've never seen one come back for reframing or come back to haunt me. Still a good idea, though.

curlyframer, CPF
Al, no one has complained. And for the reasons Janet listed I do this. Also, I want my name on the job somewhere so people will know where to come for proper framing in the future... just needed to be specific about what I've done and what was already done to existing jobs.
Under the dust cover is a good idea, too. I've thought about that. Should start dong it.
I've never done it but something I've always wanted to do and will some day do ,is to get aaa embossing stamp made like the notary's seal and stamp the dust cover. It would never come off and I would never run out of labels . the only downside is if you move you would have to order a new one in advance.
Buddy, As someone who has moved 5 times in 24 years, I've learned not to put my street address on my labels. Just the business name, logo and city. (I also print my business cards about 100 at-a-time.)