Frame Dust or Powder


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 3, 2004
Santa Fe
At a shop I used to work there was a grey powder or dust that we used on certain type of frames with a similar powder like finish. Anybody knows what is it called, or where can I buy it? Many thanks.
Just to make in unanimus
Rottenstone is what I've always used, also
Rottenstone is great for a darker grey "dust"... if you want a lighter grey.. more beige... use some pumice. If you want a more permanent finish for it thin out some frame glue and dust it on top of that.. if you don't it will come off easily.. which isn't a terrible thing either. You can probably find either at better hardware stores.
Oddly enough, I needed some rottenstone in a hurry the other day and couldn't find it at my local hardware.

So I scraped several sticks of chalk (the sidewalk variety) and mixed them. It made a nice grey-beige and worked fine.

Necessity is a mother.

FYI, rottenstone and pumice are traditionally used in fine furniture finishing. So you may find it at a woodworker's supply.
Rockler Woodworking store. Or Rodda paint, Sherwin Williams, Dutch Boy, Miller, how many ways can you say paint store.

White: Whiting
Light grey: Pumice stone
Darker grey: Rottenstone (grey)
Red or Ruder: Rottenstone unbleached

Also good is pastel chalks applied with paint brush and scrubbed in. Light overcoat with flat fixative.